The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers
It is an organization contributing to advancement industrial widely, improvement of the social welfare by performing planning, the promotion of the measure about an increase of the production of industrial equipment and the improvement, and having, and contributing to the improvement of the healthy development and people’s life of the national economy. Our company is belong to pneuatic-hydraulic machinery subcommitte and chemical machinery subcommitte, and appoint a policy committee at Kansai branch.
Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association
The organizaton which plans management base reinforcement of the company and upbringing of human resources, and promotes the management interchange between members and study, and contributes to industrial promotion.
The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The organization which plans development of the commerce and industry, and tries for promotion of the local widely, and contributes to an increase of the social general welfare.
The Takatsuki Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The organization which is divided into general affairs Committee, public information Committee, training Committee, friendship Committee, a business prosperity Committee, the future creation committee, and each committee member gathers regularly, and discuss positively.
Osaka Chemical Plant Association
This association was launched in September 1963. Each company in this association has unique technology in every field. Now, as “O.C.P.” it is consist of 9 companies and convening maintenance and improvement of technology and reinforcement of corporation between members.