Before Establishing Founder of Daido Machinery Corporation, Kazuo Ota had been engaged since around 1930 in making hydraulic machines such as air compressors and vacuum pumps as Director and Plant Manager of Noda Plant of Fujimura Machine Manufacturing Co.
July, 1947 Basing upon abundant technical experiences in the past, Kazuo Ota established DAIDO MACHINERY CORPORATION, – hereinafter described as “DAIDO” – , in Enari-cho, Fukushima-ku, Osaka. He started the production and service of air compressors, vacuum pumps and so on. Also, he additionally produced and sold unrefuel-type compressors.
April, 1948 DAIDO restarted to manufacture the internal gear pump. After 1949, he started to sell them partly. Since then, DAIDO entered into industry areas with the strategic triad, AIR COMPRESSOR, VACCUME PUMP and INTERNAL GEAR PUMP.
May, 1960 DAIDO became the member of Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers.
June, 1964 By introducing Employee’s Ownership, DAIDO capitalized at JPY 7 million, and re-established the company limited of DAIDO MACHINERY CORPORATION.
November, 1967 Aiming at a penetration in economic center, DAIDO opened Tokyo Business Office.
May, 1968 DAIDO increased capital at JPY 14 million.
May, 1969 Due to the capacity limitation of factory in headquarters, DAIDO newly constructed Takatsuki Factory in Takatsuki city, which equipped up-to-date facilities, and rationalized production lines.
May, 1972 Choko Umemoto was appointed President and CEO.
September, 1972 Daido moved Osaka Headquarters to Takatsuki Factory, and streamlined.
April, 1974 DAIDO succeeded in developing internal gear pumps, which was the largest class in the world, and vertical submerge pumps, and concurrently in serializing ultra high viscosity fluid pumps.
May, 1976 DAIDO merged the affiliate company, TOYO SHOJI Co., Ltd. – , the old name is DAIDO REAL ESTATE Co., Ltd. – , and increased capital at JPY 22 million.
May, 1978 Yusuke Ota was appointed President and CEO.
June, 1979 DAIDO increased capital at JPY 24.5 million, and introduced the first machining center.
March, 1982 The mechanical equipment, which had constructed since November 1978, was completed. To correspond to customer’s needs, DAIDO partly run the unattended processing operation in the night, and installed facilities for the around-clock operation on probation.
June, 1983 DAIDO was invested by Osaka Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd., and increased capital at JPY 52 million.
December, 1984 In view of the environment arrangement, the personnel recruitment and the streamlined office work, DAIDO newly constructed the building of headquarters to make further -steps.
April, 1985 DAIDO expanded the building of headquarters, upgraded production facilities and improved benefit packages.
December, 1986 DAIDO installed high-performance test facilities, – For the test of high-temperature pump operations and simultaneous flow measurements.
July, 1987 DAIDO upgraded Tokyo Business Office to Tokyo (Branch) Office, improved the business affairs and placed resident service teams.
March, 1991 To correspond to customers, DAIDO moved and expanded Tokyo Branch with resident engineering staff placing.
January, 1995 Combining accumulated technologies, DAIDO manufactured the largest internal gear pump in the world that was 13 tons of all-up weight, and exported it to India. DAIDO succeeded in developing one of ideal gear, “Taocloid Gear”, and put it into practical use. The Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred on January 17th .
July, 1996 DAIDO officially made presentations in the international pump exhibition of “PSA’ 96” in the world trade center in Singapore.
October, 1997 It was the 50th anniversary of incorporation. DAIDO hold a celebration in Imperial Hotel. DAIDO officially introduced Product Management System and computerized business affairs.
July, 1998 DAIDO acquired Quality Assurance System, “ISO 9001”, – (JQA-2512).
October, 1998 DAIDO acquired the patent of Taocloid Gear, – “Japanese Patent Number: 2845174”.
April, 1999 DAIDO began to produce SE-series, – the multipurpose type that integrates Taocloid Gear.
January, 2005 DAIDO signed an OEM deal with Wilden Pump & Engineering Co., which is famous for the diaphragm pump manufacturing.
February, 2005 DAIDO established the capital of wholly-owned company, “DAIDO HAI LONG PUMP (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd.”, in the bonded area of Waigaoqiao in Shanghai, China, in order to procure materials and to produce commodities,with US$ 300 thousand capitalized.
July, 2005 DAIDO developed T-series that build “TAOCLOID” into pump series for Typhoon.
July, 2007 DAIDO increased the capital of DAIDO HAI LONG PUMP (SHANGHAI) Co., Ltd., – adding US$430 thousand – , and capitalized at US$730 thousand.
January, 2008 DAIDO breached the contract with Wilden Pump & Engineering Co.
January, 2008 DAIDO began to produce and launch Tseries pumps made in China.
June, 2009 DAIDO recorded the largest discharge rate of internal gear pump in the world, 660 cubic meters per hour, – 390 rpm of rotating speed – , in the trial run.
March, 2009 DAIDO was selected as “Energetic Manufacturing SMC of OSAKA”, sponsored by Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Received “Takumi” sign from Osaka Prefecture.
November, 2009 DAIDO participated in China International Industry Fair 2009, – The Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Show 2009 (EPTES2009).
January, 2010 DAIDO began to produce and launch SES series pumps made in China.
June, 2010 DAIDO finished making large class pumps into a series without parallel in the world.
February, 2011 DAIDO began to produce and launch vane pumps made in China.
March, 2011 DAIDO established the engineering department in Daido Hai Long Pump(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
September, 2012 DAIDO made presentations in China International Chemical Industry Fair 2012 in Tianjin, China.
September, 2012 DAIDO established Thailand local sales office.
October, 2012 DAIDO signed an OEM of TG series pumps made in China deal with a Singapore trading company.
February, 2013 Revive production of Lobe pump (non-metal contact rotary pump).
May, 2013 Opened Kyushu Branch.
January, 2017 Ryuichiro Ota was appointed President and CEO.
February, 2017 Former President and CEO Yusuke Ota’s home-going service was held at Senri Kaikan.
February, 2017 DAIDO shipped a gear pump conforming to CE for Europe.
July, 2017 We celebrated 70th anniversary on July 2nd, 2017.
July, 2018 DAIDO acquired Quality Assurance System “ISO9001-2015 edition”.
November, 2018 DAIDO installed 1st Multitasking Machine.
December, 2018 DAIDO was selected as “Regional Future Traction Company” from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
June, 2019 We are selected as one of “300 Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises” by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
March, 2022 Acquired 100% share of Ikuta Machine Industry Co.,Ltd.
August,2022 DAIDO Declare “SDGs”